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[CES 2021] Funzin introduces POF based in-vehicle network solution 'Photon'


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[CES 2021] Funzin introduces POF based in-vehicle network solution 'Photon' 
Rapid processing of large amount of data...lightweight and cost-saving

Funzin (CEO-Deukhwa Kim), a software development and edge AI solution company, announced that company will participate in the All Digital CES2021 held from Jan. 11 to 14.

In 'CES 2021', Funzin releases 'Photon', Plastic optical fiber (POF) In-Vehicle Network Solution for automated driving, to the outside for the first time. 'Photon' is an In-Vehicle network solution composed of POF controllers, POF Ethernet switch, and POF camera. 

It provides an Ethernet backbone environment that meets the demand for large-capacity data for the autonomous driving. Moreover, it is resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMC, EMI, etc.) and large-capacity data transmission, data process can be performed quickly through the Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure. In addition to that, by using POF cables, it is possible to reduce installation cost and it is lighter in weight than copper and UTP cables.

In addition to 'Photon', ▲'Fusion', deep learning-based Driver Status Monitor (DSM) solution ▲'Angel Care', Radar based Non-contact bio sensor will also be introduced.

Through the CES 2021 CES, Funzin plans to promote the value of company as a company specializing in edge AI solutions and expand its domestic and overseas markets.
DeukHwa Kim, CEO of Funzin said, CES will be a place where Funzin can showcase our vision, technology, and products to the world.” “Funzin will continue to work on edge AI and telecommunication solutions to respond to the market.




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