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Obtained the Certificate of Facial Recognition Algorithm 99.97% (KISA)


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Obtained the Certificate of Facial Recognition Algorithm 99.97% (KISA)

Test at the Biometric Information Test Center… applied on "FUSION"

Software development company Funzin (CEO-Deukhwa Kim) revealed on the 8th that the face recognition algorithm at the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) passed the K-NBTC performance standard with a recognition rate of 99.97%.

The performance of the face recognition algorithm certified by KISA was applied to the Funzin’s face recognition solution "FUSION". 

Fusion is a deep learning-based driver status monitoring (DSM) solution for drowsiness detection, distraction detection, and face recognition. After exhibiting at CES in 2019, funzin continued to improve the algorithm, and by passing the tests of the Korea National Biometric Test Center, the performance improvement was proved.

The facial recognition performance certification is tested by the Biometric Information Testing Center (K-NBTC) and certified by the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), and this is the only certification test in Korea. Based on the standards criteria from International Organization for Standardization (ISO/IEC JTC1 SC37), certificates are issued only when they passed a certain level of accuracy.

The reliability is high because the Korea National Biometric Test Center (K-NBTC) tests the performance using real face data. NBTC certification is essential when they want to supply the system to the government and public institutions

DeukHwa Kim, CEO of Funzin said, "this certification is the result of our constant efforts to secure the highest level of computer vision AI technology, and we will continue to develop facial recognition technology to provide customers with excellent products and services. Also, " addition to smart car driver status monitoring (DSM) solutions, 'Fusion' plans to lead the market with computer vision AI solutions such as face recognition technology-based access control systems and non-contact payment systems." 





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