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Funzin launches 'Angel Care', a non-contact bio sensor solution


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Funzin launches 'Angel Care', a non-contact bio sensor solution 

Funzin announced on the 29th that the “Angel Care Service," a care solution for the elderly living alone is released. 

The Angel Care solution is a non-contact, remote care integrated monitoring solution. An angel care device senses the physical activity of elderly people and manages health, a smart toy robot (Hydol) manages emotional care, and a smart Pill box manages medication schedule.

Angel care devices measure bio-signal activities such as movement, berating and distance, etc. without wearing an devices. 

Funzin has been providing various services since they signed a business agreement with KT, Gyeonggi Welfare Foundation Gyeonggi Social Service Center in December last year. Since last August, Funzin has been providing Angel care services to the Namyangju Western Care Center for the project ‘My grandchild Angel I’.

A funzin personnel said, "We are developing technology to improve the detection accuracy of heart rate, heart beat, and other physical activities to ensure the safety of elderly” and said, "we will try to eliminate the blind spot for the welfare of the elderly."


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