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Concluded the Ocelot 5G MOU with KCME


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Concluded the Ocelot 5G MOU with KCME

Funzin joins Japan's 5th generation (5G) market. Funzin provides "Ocelot 5G", Wireless Network Quality Analysis System to Japan.

Funzin (CEO-Deukhwa Kim) will begin joint business by concluding a business agreement with the affiliated company "KCME" of the KYOCERA GROUP.

Funzin has been supplying Ocelot 5G to major domestic carriers since last year. In the domestic market alone, it expects sales of 25 billion won over the next two years. Funzin plans to enter the global 5G market starting with the entry into Japan.

Starting from this business agreement, KCME will spread Ocelot 5G to careers in Japan. KCME has role of selling measurement data for 5G wireless networks. They provides wire/wireless network solutions to Japanese telecommunication companies. Recently, KCME expanded business domain to Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and big data.




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