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Tech World Embedded, interviewed by Funzin


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Cover interview of Funzin, Tech World Embedded VOL.223


"Efforts to diversify businesses such as telecommunications, internet of things, artificial intelligence, etc."

In the first quarter of this year, sales of 5G telecommunication businesses of Funzin (CEO Deukhwa Kim) exceed 90% of total sales. Funzin is a company with a strong specialty in digital communications. Funzin has been collaborating with various domestic carriers more than 10 years including SK Telecom, KT, and LG Uplus. Funzin's main business is to find areas with poor radio waves on the 5th generation radio network and analyze the quality of data in real time. In addition, Funzin provides all the technologies necessary for the construction, operation, and maintenance of network communication as a total solution.

Measuring/analyzing 5G communication quality

"The 5G telecommunication quality measurement/analysis solution was recognized for its excellent technical capabilities that was awarded by the government in 2013 for solving out the frequency congestion area of 900 megahertz(MHz)." and "Based on these technological capabilities, we started developing a solution " Ocelot 5G "before 5G was commercialized," said Sungjun Lim, manager of Funzin.

The development of the solution has been completed with the software installed in the spectrum analyzer of Anritsu, a global instrument manufacturer in 2019. We delivered solutions to KT and LG Telecom and are still delivering to other companies.

"Although network measurement and construction engineering services are relatively slow in growth and the business has high barrier entry but optimizing is essential for telecommunication companies” and “therefore there will be related demands while 5G networks are being commercialized.

Expanding supply chain wiht SK Telecom

System consulting and construction services related to communication quality measurement are the company's main businesses, but the related material sales cannot be ignored. This is because business is growing sustainably due to 5G demand of mobile telecommunication companies.

"We have secured key suppliers for SK Telecom as customers and are supplying major telecommunication materials such as splitters, OFDs, and 5G materials. Also, we are targeting SK Telecom and SK Broadband to expand stable material supply chain. “ said by Sungjun Lim, manager of Funzin.

Signed a smart car soltuoin development contract with Ford last year

Funzin has solidified its position as a major domestic supplier not only in discovering new materials but also in registering related patent.

Recently, Funzin is also focusing on expanding new business areas such as AI solutions and smart car filed.

"The automotive business has achieved meaningful growth through partnerships with global chipset makers Intel, Qualcomm, as well as domestic buyers" and "We continued to invest in developing vision computing technologies and delivered them to KT in 2012 and 2013 even before related industries was commercialized."

This solution is still in use at the KT Certification Center. In recognition of its technological capabilities, Funzin signed contracts with global companies in the Smart car field with the Intel in the United States and Green Hills Software and Renesas Technology in Japan in 2018.

"Based on a reference to a domestic tier-1 company's related proof of concept project, we developed a POC product in 2019 with built-in driving video recording device. Last year, we signed a contract with a domestic tier-1 company and global company.  


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