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Funzin selected for 2022 AI + X Top 100


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Funzin selected for 2022 AI + X Top 100

 Funzin has been selected as the "2022 AI + X Top 100" company under the supervision of the Intelligent Information Industry Association for the second consecutive year in the mobility field.

AI + X Top 100 was chosen by the Intelligent Information Industry for the purpose of strengthening the AI industry and the AI technology.

Kim Deuk-Hwa, CEO of Funzin, said, "We have been selected as an AI+X Top 100 company for two consecutive years, and we will continue to lead AI innovation through technology development and market expansion."

Meanwhile, Funzin is an AIoT solution company with software and hardware capabilities for autonomous driving mobility controllers, AI vision, and edge systems.

At the last CES 2022 exhibition, "FAIP_CES2022" was unveiled, and its technological capability were greatly praised. FAIP_CES2022 is Funzin's AIoT platform FAIP3.0-based autonomous driving system for vehicles and robots. It provides learning-based Pre-implemented Vision AI and supports Vision AI improvement with MLOps (Machine Learning & Dev. Operations: data collection / learning / improvement / deployment).



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