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Joint development of APAS/FAIP platform for Artificial Intelligence Guide with Motorex


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Joint development of APAS/FAIP platform for Artificial Intelligence Guide Solution with Motorex

Funzin Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Deuk-hwa) Korea's leading AIoT and mobility company, has recently signed a joint agreement with Motrex Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Hyung-hwan) to develop a deep learning-based passenger recognition "Advanced Passenger Assist System(APAS)" and "Funzin AIoT Platform (FAIP)."

The APAS/FAIP platform, which Funzin and Motorex build together, plans to utilize Motorex's APAS and Funzin's FAIP3.0.

Motorex's APAS is a system that anticiates the accident risks issued by passenger getting in and out of the bus, judges risk factors by vision recognition.

Funzin's FAIP3.0 is a deep learning-based AIoT MLOps platform that provides continuous service improvement from data collection, learning, algorithm improvement, and deployment. In addition, it is possible to secure the safety of passengers using the AI guide service by continuous AI algorithm updates even after release.

Funzin is an end-to-end service integrated AIoT MLops platform that handles all processes from data collection to distribution, and is collaborating with infotainment and mobility providers with the goal of providong AIaaS(AI as a Service) and improving AI solutions in various fields.

Funzin, on the other hand, is an AI mobility platform solution company. It owns the FAIP3.0 AIoT platform that can be applied to AI mobility such as autonomous vehicles and robots. FAIP3.0 is an AIoT platform with image based AI Edge and Auto MLOps. AIoT solutions are being supplied to domestic autonomous vehicles, robot manufacturers and mobility service providers.

Motorex is a global infotainment company that develops and supplies vehicle infotainment products, DSM solutions, AI guides, HMI, AVNT, digital cluster, and RSE to vehicles and mobility operators.

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