Funzin’s own vision computing solution ‘FUSION’ makes its debut on CES world stage.


Funzin is participate in CES in Las Vegas, USA, showcasing its own embedded ‘FUSION’ vision solution at Green Hills Software booth in the north hall of Las Vegas Convention Center.
Green Hills Software is a global leader in automotive electronics. Its Integrity RTOS(Real Time OS) and Multivisor, a Hypervisor virtualization technology are well known for world’s highest level of security and stability. With this strength in security, Green Hills Software’s solutions have been embedded in state-of-the-art F-35 stealth jet fighter.


As the automotive electronics increasingly make use of a virtualization technique by using a software called hypervisor to run multiple OS system featuring face recognition and driver drowsiness detection.
Hypervisor manages multi-operating system (OS) in a stable manner, maximizing vehicle stability and security.


Funzin’s vision solution is designed to run on this multi OS system featuring face recognition and driver drowsiness detection.
Green Hills Software brings together its partner companies at the CES venue, and Funzin is the first and only Korean company to exhibit its own vision computing solution, called ‘FUSION’ in cooperation with Green Hills Software. Funzin will demo two key features – face recognition and driver’s drowsiness detection at CES.


The face recognition part of FUSION recognizes the face of the driver and automatically adjusts seat position, side mirror angle, cluster theme, and favorite music based on the driver’s preference. ‘FUSION’ also has a capability of tracking driver’s eye to detect driving drowsy.


If the driver shows signs of drowsiness, ‘FUSION’ makes a warning signal for safe drive.
In August 2018, Funzin signed a VAI (Value Added Integrator) partner agreement with Green Hills Software and the FUSION demo at CES 2019 is the first collaboration project between the two companies.


“Funzin is the first domestic company to demonstrate an embedded vision computing solution running on Green Hills Software’s multi OS system.” said an Funzin executive. “Funzin has been collaborating with various global SOC makers and tier-1 suppliers and expects to further develop enhanced vision computing solution.


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