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CES 2019



Funzin’s own vision computing solution ‘FUSION’ makes its debut on CES world stage.

Funzin is participate in CES in Las Vegas, USA, showcasing its own embedded ‘FUSION’ vision solution at Green Hills Software booth in the north hall of Las Vegas Convention Center.
Green Hills Software is a global leader in automotive electronics. Its Integrity RTOS(Real Time OS) and Multivisor, a Hypervisor virtualization technology are well known for world’s highest level of security and stability. With this strength in security, Green Hills Software’s solutions have been embedded in state-of-the-art F-35 stealth jet fighter.

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The face recognition part of FUSION recognizes the face of the driver and automatically adjusts seat position, side mirror angle, cluster theme, and favorite music based on the driver’s preference. ‘FUSION’ also has a capability of tracking driver’s eye to detect driving drowsy. If the driver shows signs of drowsiness, ‘FUSION’ makes a warning signal for safe drive.

2019 Fusion Brochure

Business Area

Funzin provides technical supports for on-time delivery and cost effective customization along with array of vision solutions

  • Technical services through all parts of design, development, and verification process
  • Proven technical skillsets based on partnership with major SoC vendors
  • Direct support for RTOS/Multivisor solution with partnership with Green Hills Software
  • Expert teams of proven skillsets based on various co-development experiences with major Tier-1s and manufacturers

Intel’s ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partner in automotive

  • Customer support for Automotive solution and product development based on Intel SoC
  • Support customer target source code version control/management & rebase with Intel latest software
  • Support development of commercial products and PoC projects

With strong R&D in vision computing and rich working experience with Tier-1s, Funzin serves the needs of automotive industry

  • Based on cutting-edge Intel platform, Funzin provides technical services in S/W and H/W design for cost-effective on-time delivery
  • Funzin also provides various solutions such as DMS, ADAS, RSI, multi channel camera and cluster
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Automotive Target Development Platform

Development platform based on Intel’s automotive processor

  • Integrated development board based on Intel Apollo Lake Processor
  • Development and validation of Automotive solution / applications
  • Support Yocto Linux, Android OS
HDCP Solution for Automotive application

HDCP Solution for Automotive application

  • HDCP 2.2 Receiver (RX) solution
  • HDCP 2.2 compliant for content protection
  • Platform environment
    – INTEL ATOM A3960 (Apollo Lake)
    – Yocto Linux + Miracast Sink
Green Hills Software VAI

Green Hills Software’s VAI (Value Added Integrator) partner

  • Korea’s 1st VAI partner for technical support
  • Provide direct technical support through VAI partnership with Green Hills Software
  • Covers all solutions of Green Hills Software with special focus on automotive
Renesas Alliance Partner

Renesas Alliance Partner

  • Renesas Authorized 3rd party OS/Driver/Middleware vendor
  • Funzin provides technical services in SW and HW design for on-time deliver
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